Memoirs of a Beer Drinker…Glider Cider

Been on a cider kick recently and was happy to discover a new cider company in the Colorado craft community.

Glider Cider in original or dry is an all juice cider pressed from fresh apples. They tastes great and both have a dry crisp bite when compared to other ciders in the market. This is a nice treat for someone looking for complexity in a drink rather than a sweet treat.

Starting next season, Colorado Cider Company plans to use all Colorado apples and has plans for an orchard on the western slope with apple trees grafted for planting in 2013.

The nice, subtle flavors of the apples really come through in this drink. It is incredibly refreshing and a welcome addition to Colorado’s fantastic craft selection.
By Cole Hanson @TheBeerLip
Applejack Beer Specialist

Find it at Applejack:
Size of Bottle: 22oz
Regular Price: $7.99

Size of Bottle: 22oz
Regular Price: $7.99

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